A Strategic Approach to Learning at ConAgra Foods, business and finance homework help

A Strategic Approach to Learning at ConAgra Foods

ConAgra has grown to over 25,000 employees and has a strategic plan to continue to grow and have the fastest growing sales and profits by 2017. The HR managers are developed a strategy for sharing training resources to help meet training needs at all their facilities. The team developed a three stage sales training strategy to ensure their sales people could act as trusted advisors to the customers. The strategy includes: a set of simulations, videos ,and reading materials to support classroom training, sales teams gather for two days of workshops to practice skills, and managers sets goals for the salespeople and monitor the results. Another target training area is for the leaders and it is called the Foundations of Leadership program. This is for front line leaders to develop critical leadership skills. As a result of the training, ConAgra has saved an estimated $116,100 for every class of 28 supervisors trained because of reduced turnover.

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Discussion Questions

  1. What were the training objectives for salespeople? How did ConAgra measure the results of training them?
  1. Why was there a need to train first-line supervisors? What results of that training program did ConAgra observe?
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