analyze article

Select an article concerning culture and psychology from the following academic journals: Journal of Cross-cultural Psychology, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, International Journal of Intercultural Relations. Search google scholar: (Links to an external site.). Then analyze your article according to the following outline. DO NOT just cut and paste from the article, you must condense and paraphrase each section.Choose and analyze an article:Title of the Journal (including year of publication of the article):Title and Author(s) of the Article:Topic of the Study:Theories Associated with the Present Study:Hypotheses or Research Questions:Sample of the Study and Selection Procedure:Method Used in the Present Study:Procedure of the Present Study (e.g. How the questionnaire was distributed, how the interview was conducted, how the experiment was conducted, etc.):Method of Data Analysis:Summary of the Results:Limitation of the Research:Description of Future Research:Why did you pick this article?

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