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This written assignment will allow you to reflect on your beliefs about nursing. Writing your philosophy of nursing will reveal your professional and personal growth over time as you compare previous versions of your philosophy.Think about the following before you start writing your paper.You have learned about various theoretical works in nursing including Nightingale’s Environmental Theory, and Jean Watson Philosophy and Science of Caring, Orem’s Self-Care Deficit Theory of Nursing among others. Which nursing theory most closely matches your beliefs? Why are philosophies of nursing, conceptual models, grand theories, and middle-range theories important to nursing? Why did you choose nursing as your profession? What do you believe is the core of nursing? What is the focus of nursing? To live out your philosophy, what should you keep in mind about your patients, families, environment?Instructions:This paper reflects your own values and world view, therefore there are no right or wrong answers.Paper must be written in APA style.Paper should be between 5-7 pages excluding cover page and references.Address the following topics in your paperYour educational and professional background, reasons for returning to school, current practice specialty, and professional goals.Individuals who have influenced your views about nursingYour philosophy of nursingNursing metaparadigm: your definition of nursing, human beings, the environment, and healthYour beliefs: Is healthcare a right or privilege? What are the roles of the nurse? What are your thoughts about nursing education?Trends and current issues affecting nursingWhere is nursing going? What can you do to advance nursing?RubricSome RubricSome RubricCriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeIntroductionview longer descriptionOustanding10.0 ptsAcceptable6.0 ptsUnacceptable0.0 pts10.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomePersonal philosophy of nursing, nursing metaparadigm (nursing, human being, environment, health)view longer descriptionOutstanding20.0 ptsAcceptable6.0 ptsUnacceptable0.0 pts20.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeTrends affecting nursingOutstanding20.0 ptsAcceptable10.0 ptsUnacceptable0.0 pts20.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeYour beliefs: is healthcare a right or privilege? roles of the nurse? education?Outstanding20.0 ptsAcceptable10.0 ptsUnacceptable0.0 pts20.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeFuture of nursingOutstanding20.0 ptsAcceptable10.0 ptsUnacceptable0.0 pts20.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAPA, grammar, spelling, and punctuation

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