business essay (Global business)

1) Read the case study: Business Jet Makers Eye China, pp444-445 of your textbook.

2) You may discuss the case in groups, but your work should be turned individually.

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3) Use the guide questions given below to write your case analysis.

Please FOLLOW this format/outline for your case analysis:

A) Identification of the Problem or Main Issue of the Case

B) Situation Analysis

C) Recommendations or Conclusions

Note: Do not turn in your work in Q&A format. Doing so will not earn ANY credits.

4) This is an individual submission!

5) Upload your work by end of class. Maximum number of pages: 2 (single or double-spaced is okay).



1) Explain why corporate jet makers so eager to enter China.

2) From an institution-based view, discuss what needs to be done to enhance the prospects of this industry in China.

3) From a resource-based view, discuss what it takes to win in China.

I will give u the text book resource and other resource after I choose u.

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