business management

You should also reply with minimum 100 word response to TWO other students in your cohort for each unit

This response should be addressed to Olivia Jones

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An entrepreneur is someone that starts or initiates a new business or company venture. An entrepreneur makes a dream a reality. You can look to an entrepreneur for leadership, they are the one in charge. An entrepreneur should be a motivator if there is a team to follow. As of now, I am a sole proprietorship, meaning I own and operate my company as an individual (Ferrell, Hirt, Ferrell, 2009). As a new eager entrepreneur, breaking into the growing economy of the hair business I have learned a lot of things. It is definitely not as easy as it looks. I had a vision and turned my vision into a very profitable business. When dealing with other entrepreneurs this business has taught me that not every small business owner is an entrepreneur. I have developed a great ability to evaluate risk.

53% of new small businesses begin in home with less than 10,000 (Ferrell,Hirt, Ferrell, 2009). I started my business off in my home. Business took off a lot faster than I expected and I ended up having to get a booth in the mall. My booth is located in the WolfchaseMall called LuxeExtensions. Small businesses provide the first job for most U.S workers (Ferrell,Hirt, Ferrell, 2009). I am currently looking for two part time workers. They will most likely be high school students since I am only offering part time employment. Entrepreneurial and small businesses provide valuable services and products that contribute to the growth and sustainability of economies from both local and the national perspectives (Long, Johnson, Foster, 2016). Hopefully, one day I will be able to do just that!

2. This response should be addressed to Shawn McDowellAn entrepreneur is a person who risks his or her wealth, time, and effort to develop for profit an innovative product or way of doing something ( Ferrell, Hirt, Ferrell, 2009). Entrepreneurs are optimistic, goal oriented, focused, and detailed. An entrepreneur has a business mind set, not just an owner of a business. As an entrepreneur; however, maintaining a full time job as a Military Barber is a handful. I am a Certified Master Colorist & Eyelash Extensionist. Having these skills, a home based business was started and work by appointments only.

* 53% of new small businesses begin in the home with less than $10,000.

Personally, this bullet point came to life for me. Literally, I started a business with enough supplies to service one client. After servicing that one client, realizing that there was a demand in the industry and filling that void was gratifying. The business slowly increased and now I provided service by strict appointments only. It is important to appreciate the characteristics of the home-based online business entrepreneur and how their working practices and experiences differ from other online and/or home-based workers. It is important to stress that they are first and foremost entrepreneurs—self-employed, autonomous, self-managing actors using their extant resources, their own homes, to establish and operate their online businesses (e.g. Mirchandani, 1998; Felstead et al., 2002; Haddon and Brynin, 2005; Ruiz and Walling, 2005; Golden, 2007; Taskin and Edwards 2007.

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