CMGT/445: Case Study: Appliance Warehouse – Analysis & Planning

Assignment ContentOverviewThe Appliance Warehouse case study is designed to practice systems analysis and design skills using a life-like scenario. Appliance Warehouse is facing a big business change: create a Service Department as one of their product offerings.They need you, the new systems analyst, to help them. You have been tasked to help develop a technological solution to help schedule service appointments and integrate it with existing systems. As a newly hired analyst, you report to Carlie Davis, the IT manager, who will guide you through the steps of this project.In the MindTap simulation environment, you will see email examples to your (simulated) Appliance Warehouse email inbox. These simulated emails will contain instructions for each session, and you will consult the Appliance Warehouse’s resource libraries and website for additional information.For this week’s assignment, be sure to refer to the Appliance Warehouse Resources: Organizational Staffing Document, Appliance Warehouse website, Historical Analysis Phase Durations spreadsheet.DirectionsIn MindTap, review the Appliance Warehouse Case, and do the following:o Read the Before You Begin Message and the Module 1-3 Appliance Warehouse Webmail Client Emails. Read the messages to help determine the tasks you must complete.o Review and analyze the weekly Appliance Warehouse case study content and resources.Create a 2- to 3-page document that includes the following:o An Organization Chart to support the Appliance Warehouse case studyo The SWOT Analysis diagram you performed and created to support the Appliance Warehouse case studyo The Mission Statement to support the Appliance Warehouse case studyo The Problem/Opportunity Statement to support the Appliance Warehouse case studySubmit your document.Resources will be provided upon request if a resources has been omitted and is required to complete the assignment.

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