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I NEED A GOOD COMMENT FOR THIS ARGUMENT TO POST IN MY ONLINE CLASS.When it comes to scope of practice, registered nurses need to be accountable for their own actions for the safety of patients and for their own protection.  They can do this by asking questions and acquiring the answers from many different outlets.  These outlets include first off your own facilities policies and procedures.  Secondly, your rules and regulations from your state board of nursing which usually is in the form of a practice act. (AACN, 2016) Lastly, if you are a specialty area that has its own national association you can access pertinent information from their websites as well. (ANA, n.d.)All of the above factors need to be considered because the information you are trying to attain may have recently changed.  You should first off check your policies and procedures.  Make sure that the policy is up to date.  If they are not up to date then you need to contact your state board of nursing.  The board of nursing will have the newest updates on the current laws and any changes or current amendments will be posted there.Whether the action is a new task/procedure or whether the action is something you have completed before, if there is question you need to attain the correct action before performing the task in question.  There are many outlets to do so and it is up to each individual nurse to educate yourself on the newest rules and regulations.AmericanAssociation of Critical Care Nurses. (October 2016).  Vol 36, No. 5. Ask the Experts: Scope of Practice. Retrieved from: ccnonline.orgAmerican Nurses Association. (n.d.) Scope and Standard of Practice.  Retrieved from: http://www.nursingworld.org/scopeandstandardsofpractice.

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