Coreys CMGT 558 WK 5

This week, you will continue your work from the Wk 3 Apply assignment by drafting a presentation to promote the innovation project to the executive team of your chosen organization.Review the project information in the Wk 3 – Apply: Signature Assignment – Innovative Business Case and incorporate it into your presentation. Include key assumptions and a clear description of the elements listed in the instructions below.Create a 10- to 15-slide presentation in which you complete the following:Describe your Innovation Project.Explain the customer problem your product will solve.Outline how the project aligns with the company’s strategy.Outline the Innovation Project’s:Target customer(s)Pricing strategyPotential market sizeOutline the potential competition and the strategies for intellectual property protection.Design a development strategy and a schedule for the innovation project, including the organizational structure and development methodologies.

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