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Cover letter using my resumen

Attached is my resumen please do a cover letter to send attached when we are looking for job.Here is my Resumen:Professional ProfileØ My objective is to obtain a position   asRegistered Nurse where I am able to deliver my knowledge to the   organization by provides exceptional patient care.Ø Highly motivated top producer, highly trained to   deal with different cultural diverse people, strong problems-solving skills,   able to adapt and find solution in any challenging situation. I am very   reliable and always thrive to succeed in any varying work, able to juggle   multiple responsibilities simultaneously and maintain calm in fast paced   environment, Bi-lingual in both Spanish and English.Professional ProfileGoal        and result-oriented.Disease        management.Case        Coordination.Skilled,        communicative, persuasive and adaptable professional.Skill to        plan, organize and provide clinical direction to other health care staff        to enable theNursing care of inmate patients.· Skill to provide inmate patient education to   promote wellness and empower inmatepatients to actively participate in health   management.Time        ManagementAble to        prioritize patient ‘care in an organized manner.Using        logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of        alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems.Multitasking        person.Fast        learner and well organized.Computer        Skills (Microsoft word, excel, outlook).Bi-lingual        (English / Spanish).Professional Experience03/2015-present Catholic Hospice.·  Admission Nurse.· Coordinate care ( order medication, DME, supplies, transportation)· Communicate with MD to get orders.· Report symptoms and concern to the team.· Collect information from patient/family members.· Explain program to patient/family members (good communication skills).· Work with computer program (suncoast production) for documentation.· Give care according to patient condition (continuous, routine or acute).· Give emotional support.05/2011-present Tropical Home Health Care· Initial evaluation for new patients.· Collecting data to complete care report form.· Educate patient and Caregivers about disease process.· Identifying and treating potential complications.· IV therapy, wound care, safe medication administration, Document about patient’s condition and report any abnormal finding to MD.· Cordination patient’s care.· Discharge planning.03/2010 to present Best Home Care· Admission and assessment of new patient.· Supervisions, Recertification.· Patient care delivers.· Implementation of plan of care.· Case coordination.· Patient and family member’s education.· Identify potential complication and report abnormal finding to MD.· Discharge.05/2010-06/2012 Hialeah Nursing Home Facility and Rehabilitation· Safe medication administration.· Patient teaching.· Observe for medication adverse effect and report abnormal finding to MD.· Implementation of plan of care.· Identify issues or problem.· Daily documentation about patient’s condition, interventions and evaluation of progress towards desire goals.Credentials·  ARNP License· RN-BSN License.· Lpn.Education· Florida National Univesity ( MSN ) Family Nurse Practioner Hialeah, FL completed 06/30/2018· Florida International University ( Bachellors)- RN-BSN Miami, FLWill be completed 12/2016.· Saber School of Nursing (A.S) – Registers Nurse  Miami, FL Completed 2012.· Miami Dade College (A.A) – (A.A) Miami, FL Completed 2011.· Keiser Career College (Diploma) ) –Licensed Practical Nurse Miami , FL Completed 2010.

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