Cyberwarfare CaseEssay

Students are given a case study entitled, “Stuxnet and the Changing Face of Cyberwarfare”. This study is to be used to write an essay about Cyberwarfare. In your essay, you are to include the following points:

-The seriousness of cyberwarfare, with some evidences

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-Factors that have created this problem.

-Discuss different types of cyberwarfare with some examples, based on actual incidences

-Based on the given case study, discuss how Stuxnet was different than other cyberwarfare attacks.

-Possible solutions to manage this problem. Discuss its effectiveness

The essay should be approximately two pages in length and I prefer less than two pages. Use proper referencing as necessary.

All the best.

Attached is the essay that you can rely on to write the essay.

I need the essay to be ready in less than 48 hours.

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