Using one of the topics from your reading or a topic related to management from thehttps://www.siop.org/Research-Publications/Items-of-Interest/ArtMID/19366/ArticleID/1639/It’s-the-Same-Only-Differentand find five additional peer reviewed articles in this area (in addition to any of the readings) that provide context to the topic. Write summary and synthesis that discusses the contributions of the five  additional journal articles you selected and how these help to provide additional clarity on the topic.YOU MUST FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS AND DO NOT ACCEPT IF YOU CANNOT DO ITMUST BE 700 WORDSMUST INCLUDE A SEPARATE PAGE OF ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY OF CITED SOURCES. MINIMUM IS 5 AT 100 WORDS EACHMUST CITE 5 SCHOLARLY SOURCES INCLUDING JOURNALSMUST INCLUDE A BIBLE VERSE INSIDE THE PAPERCITE SOURCES WITH APA FORMATMUST SUBMIT TOMORROW

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