Design An Organization That Facilitates Innovation

You are starting your own business. Design an organization that encourages and nurtures innovation. Consider classic organization design models as well as more recent models. You may use aspects of multiple models to create your own design. Consider also the people side of innovation (e.g., leadership, customers, employees, and other stakeholders). What processes will you put into place and how will you measure and monitor effectiveness? Include a description of the physical layout or environment in which your employees will work. Finally, what types of technology might you use to enhance innovation? Paper should be 8 -10 pages APA style. Hint: The Meyer, Marion, Crane (2010) article may be useful in how to influence others to embrace innovation. Also check out the Visscher & Fisscher (2009) article to see how consultants help organizations design their firms based on whether the solutions are simple or complex.

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