Develop a Small Group Covenant

A Group Covenant will guide you in your values with one another and help clarify your

expectations and goals. A Group Covenant helps prevent problems and provides a foundation for resolving any conflicts that might arise.

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Think about a group with which you work daily. Think about some of the conflicts that arise within the group.

What concepts can you build in to a Group Covenant that will bring the group together and avoid conflict? Examples of concepts might be: Respect, Confidentiality, Limited Freedom.

Once you settle on the concepts you want, write one sentence which explains the concept. For example, if I am working with Limited Freedom, the convenant might read: ” We agree to Limited Freedom when working within this group in order to optimize our productivity.”

Do not copy from Conflict Covenants that you might find online. This covenant should a useful document; therefore, it must be specific to the group with which you work.

Harvard referencing system must be used for any reference utilized

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