Discussion Questions 2 Building a Project Team, business and finance homework help

Discussion Question 1

Building a Project Team” Please respond to the following:

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Referring to the team roles provided in Section 8.1.1 of the textbook, identify and describe yourself or someone you know that participated on a project. Determine who did not meet or add value to the overall project team.

As the project faces unk-unks, determine the skills that you would need to develop as a project manager and a project team member

Discussion Question 2

“Sensemaking” Please respond to the following:

Chapter 8 emphasizes that unk-unk mind-set requires a culture of mindfulness and the ability of the project team to cope with fundamental changes without losing orientation and morale. Think of a project team experience that you personally know about or one that you heard about that will help you complete the following tasks:

oAfter summarizing the project, identify the problems that caused the team breakdown.

oDetermine how sensemaking contributed to the social cohesion. If it was not used, how could it have resolved the breakdowns?

oAs a project manager, discuss how you foster an unk-unk mind-set.

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