Ethics and Product Consumption Paper

Write a 750- to 1,050-word paper in which you complete the following:

  • Research your selected company’s past performance in marketing their products and/or services.
  • Using the six pillars of the marketing code of ethics, as set forth by the American Marketing Association at, briefly define each of the AMA’s six pillars of the marketing code of ethics–honesty, responsibility, fairness, respect, transparency, and citizenship–in your own words.
  • Explain how your selected company has demonstrated adherence to each pillar in their past or current marketing communications and activities.
  • Identify one way in which the company could make further progress as a good corporate citizen when it comes to the manufacturing, packaging, usage, and/or disposal of its products, such as a “green” initiative or a philanthropic activity that it is not already implementing.

Cite and reference the company’s Web site and at least two valid and reliable sources of academic information for this paper. The company’s Web site, Ethisphere Web site, and AMA Web site do not count toward the two research sources.

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Format your paper consistent with APA 6th Edition guidelines.

———————The selected company is USAA Insurance Company——————

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