Gift and Sacrifice: Parental Involvement in Latino Adolescents’ Education Rosario Ceballo, Laura K. Maurizi, Gloria A. Suarez, and Maria T. Aretakis

1. Summarize the article by Ceballo, Maurizi, Suarez, and Aretakis (2014), briefly discussing the  purpose, identifying the theoretical concepts and main points used to support the research  study.  2. What are the research questions that are addressed in this study? 3. What specific prediction(s) or hypothesis(es) are being tested? What were the main  independent variables (what the researchers manipulated) and dependent variables (what the  researchers measured)? 4. What research techniques are used by the author(s)? What was actually done in the research? 5. What were the measures used in this study? 6. What are the basic findings in this study? How do the results relate to the  predictions/hypotheses set out in the introduction (i.e., are they supported or not)? 7. What are some limitations to this study? 8. What are the implications of those findings (what do they tell us about theory, research, or real- life concerns)? 9. At times, the issues discussed in the article can be explained by other concepts discussed in  Chapters 8, 9, and 10 in the class textbook (Santrock, 2016), including but not limited to brain  development in adolescents, identity development in adolescents, adolescent egocentrism,  physical development etc. Discuss two topics from the textbook, explaining how these topics  speak to the differences, challenges, and issues often experienced by adolescent youth. 10. What is the APA style reference for the article? Please provide it below.

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