How KPMG Develops for the Future, business and finance homework help

How KPMG Develops for the Future

KPMG is and accounting and business advisory firm with a high-performance work culture. They hirer bright, ambitious people who want to grow in their careers. KPMG’s training organization – the KPMG Business School- has a three part strategy: understand the marketplace of the future, build the firm of the future, and develop the workforce of the future. They offer training in job skills and industry trends and train managers prior to taking management roles. They also offer employees challenging work assignments so they can practice important skills.

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Discussion Questions with Possible Responses

  1. Describe how the activities described here fit the definition of employee development.
  2. Suppose KPMG tried to save money by replacing employee development with simply ensuring it has people with the skills needed to fill current positions. What impact do you predict this change would have on KPMG”s business performance? Why?
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