Human Resources (2.5 pages)

Hi, this is my final case analysis, this paper is really easy, you just need to follow the example structure and write it. Read the instruction below, and do all the requirements. Actually, you have to analysis the legal case same format as three others case that I have attached, I also attached the example of the case. Then you need to write additional section”Four Case Comparisons” (One is what you’re going to write about which choose from the list below, and three cases that I have Strikethrough below). Remember that this is human resources class, so pls analysis focus on human resources, when you se example you will understand.

For the final legal analysis, please pick ONE of the laws that you have not discussed in your previous three cases. The overall template is the same for this analysis however; I have added an additional section that you need to do for the final

After the Effects on Human Resources section, please add a section titled

Four Case Comparisons

In this section I want state which 4 cases you studied over the course of the semester then I want you to answer these questions.

1.Of the 4 cases reviewed, which do you think has the most impact on day-to-day human resource operations? Provide reasoning

2.Of the 4 cases reviewed, which do you think will be the hardest to manage if you are an HR manager? Provide reasoning

3.Of the 4 cases reviewed, which case do you think needs a 2016 update? Why and how would you update the law?

A few hints to help with final grade

Please remember to end the first section with “The purpose of this paper is…”

You must reference even if not doing direct quotes. I have had some cases of plagiarisms in the class and I don’t want to have to fail you for something silly as referencing someone

Here are the cases, please remember to choose one not previously studied

Employee Retirement Income Security Act

The Social Security Act

Age Discrimination in Employment Act

The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act

The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act

Americans with Disability Act

The Civil Rights Act

Occupational Safety and Health Act

Internship Program covered by Fair Labor Standards Act (This act is not in the book but is VERY relavant especially to chapter 7 recruiting, selecting (which mentions only slightly). More information can be found at and I have attached it here as well. Also, just search Intern Law and you have lots of information)

The Privacy Act

Federal Defense of Marriage Act

Fair Labor Standards Act of 1963

The Patriot Act

Pregnancy Discrimination Act

Affordable Care Act of 2009

North American Free Trade Agreement

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