human resources? 6

Use the chapters attached and the references listed below — need 2-3 paragraphs for each question.Begin by defining Performance Management in your own words. Next, identify three (3) best practices for a performance evaluation system discussed in the assigned readings. Conduct a bit of independent research and compare or contrast the ideas of at least one reference you find interesting.As you develop your ideas be sure to include your thoughts about which are the important aspects of an improvement plan and defend your argument by explaining why they are so important.Don’t forget to include your reference to support your arguments.Question 2:Explain your understanding about process issues, techniques, or procedures. Conduct independent research and include your sources. You get to choose your focus.Bacal (nd) “Diagnosing Performance Problems” (HTML) The Performance Management and Appraisal Resource Center . Retrieved from (Short article discussing the seven factors that can influence or determine the level of performance)Bacal (nd) “A Performance Management Bias and Error Glossary” (HTML) The Performance Management and Appraisal Resource Center : Retrieved from (Very brief definition of terms that affect performance management)

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