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Resource: NCCAM websiteWrite a 700- to 1,050-word paper that describes an overview of CAM and its categories of treatments. Include the following:Compare and contrast conventional current regulations and oversights that exist in the United States with that of nonconventional medicine.Define the terms alternative, complementary, and integrative in relation to medicine and clarify how these terms are different.Describe how conventional medicine plays a role in these three terms.Examine the philosophy of CAM and how it relates to or is different from conventional Western medicine.Describe how NCCAM classifies Complementary Health Approaches.Select one CAM treatment therapy (modality) from among the complementary health approaches and describe it.Using one medical condition, describe how your chosen therapy can be used as an alternative, a complementary, or an integrative therapy for that specific medical condition.Include the results of scientific studies that show a clinical benefit from the example selected, if available.Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Use at least two references besides NCCAM and your textbook.

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