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Individual in Society – Discussion #4 Reply

Reflect on the following discussion and reply with 150 + words and advance the discussion by asking questions, making suggestions, or challenging an assertion.” I believe that Butler was trying to explain that woman is not a real fact that is a historical idea. She tried to explain the differences between sex and gender where sex is biological and gender as a cultural interpretation. At that time, people used to believe that women could not do anything. For them, women should be at home taking care of the kids and that they were soft and weak.  Women are amazing, they have worked so hard to close many people’s mouths. It was not only for men because old women of the time were used to think the same way.  Society in the past molded people’s minds to believe that women were not enough. The idea that women exist just to procreate and take care of the family is so wrong. Women are more than procreate. Nowadays we still have that mentality, and it is frustrating how people are always; asking young women in their 30s when they are going to start to have kids.  Being a woman is more than that we are so powerful, and it is good to not have kids if you do not want it; that does not make you less woman than others.”

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