. IP Telephony , Attendance Devices , Wireless Controller ,Networking Infrastructure


MP Company specializing in the field of engineering services, where it was a small building consists of a crew of not more than eight employees.

The MP has become big company crew workers and it has almost 1,000 employees, the company wants to secure the company with the latest technical equipment and to maintain the confidentiality of information and to control employees.

The company asked to submit proposal ideas of latest protection that has been serving the company and would be secured by modern technical systems.


1. The company is not by any technical system or the protection system

2. It contains a large number of employees cannot control them manually

3. Weakness of the network compared to the number of staff


1. IP Telephony: to communicates between others in fast and easy way.

2. Attendance Devices: to control the presence and departure of staff as these devices work by password or eye print or fingerprint or card.

3. Wireless Controller: offers strong performance quickly transfer data wirelessly, and can reach speeds equal to three times the old products, and helps to reduce the consumption of appliances.

4. Networking Infrastructure: Includes checking and documentation of data security network, design and application of data and voice commands to the network, the installation of security systems from intrusions (IPS), the development and analysis of network performance, control and maintenance of wall protection from hacking, network management and planning capacity data storage.


Why project is important to the Org/How this project will help the (Org)

Back ground about current N/W

State the problem –What-Why- Impact

Security – firewall

Scalability- Load balance

Explain the solution

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