IS Integration – ROI

ROI of ImplementationROI is one of the most common financial measuring tools. Being able to calculate the ROI or expected ROI allows us to make the best decisions about where to invest our funds for the most return on our investment over time.Part 1Using the numbers from the Course Scenario: Phoenix Fine Electronics, perform the following tasks:Calculate the estimated ROI for      an ERP implementation.Calculate the estimated      productivity as a result of implementing an ERP system.Part 2Complete your business case to present to the management team of Phoenix Fine Electronics. Review and incorporate any relevant analysis from previous coursework. Your final business case should include the following:Executive summaryHigh-level overall business      needs and desired outcomesScope of projectMeasurable values of the new      systemAn explanation of the strategic      alignmentEstimated ROI and productivity      (from Part 1)Final      recommendationSubmit your assignment.

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