Knowledge of Management Practices

Comprise a 12-16 slide presentation using PowerPoint, Prezi, or other presentation software (excluding the title page and reference list page) that includes ALL of the following points:Examine efficiency and effectiveness issues that affect decision-making in the workplace. Provide your reasoning for the selection; ensure that your reasoning is supported with course material, and research.Analyze management practices and concepts thatpromote organizational diversityin an effective way. Ensure that you support that position with course material, case study facts, and research.Analyze and explain thekey components of relationship buildingfor managers.  Specifically, identify the components of relationship building that you could use.Identifyhow future decisions and their implementation might be affectedif managers do not consider change in the workplace.Develop at least three management strategies that you would use toimprove organizational effectiveness and efficiencyin the workplace, using culture, structure, and behavior as the focus of each recommendation. Be sure to be specific in the discussion by justifying each recommendation using examples from course materials, and research.

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