Law Divorce Assignment

This assignment is intended to help you continue to work on your final research project in this course by completing the Child Support Guidelines for the following hypothetical situation. These questions deal only with your specific state and the county in which you will be working.

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As you know, for your Final Project, you need to complete the following:

  1. An uncontested divorce with children with child support calculations.
  2. A verified complaint for a contested divorce.

Scenario: Tom and Mary Jones are getting a divorce. They have four children, Tom Jr. age 12, Marianne age 10, Christina age 6 and Haley age 4. Neither parent has any other children. This task is strictly to calculate child support for these four children, not spousal support.

Per their agreement, Mary is to going to have primary custody of the children with Tom will have partial custody on the weekends. Tom works as a pharmacist and his monthly gross income is $3500 but his net monthly income is $2800. Mary works part time at a craft store. Her monthly gross income is $1200 and her net monthly income is $800. Tom pays for health insurance for the kids and as a result $325 is deducted from his check monthly for what he has to contribute for this insurance. Mary pays $600 per month for daycare while she is working.

Using these figures, please calculate what Tom’s child support payment will be. This is required for your final project. You must provide a cite for where you found the Child Support Guidelines.

You must ALSO show how you reached the final number by spelling out the calculations and citing where you found the calculation table. Do this part of the assignment in a Word document. For this part of the assignment, you must be able to figure the support BY HAND.

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