Leadership Thought and Reflection Assignment

This assignment encompasses your total work for this course and takes you back through many of the various theories, subjects, assignments, or topics that we covered this term. Using, notes, the text, articles, and your overall impressions, you will complete this assignment by answering the questions and then upload to Blackboard before the cutoff date and time specified in the syllabus.My expectations are a minimum of 8-pages (single-spaced, 12 point font) including this cover information and instructions.To be eligible to receive credit, thismust be completed individually(without collaboration with others).Note cutoff dates and times. No late submittals accepted.Use spelling, grammar check, and page numbers.This assignment is open book, open note.Uploaded copy only. Please submit this assignment to Blackboard. Do not combine multiple submittals (single submittal only).Do not paste into box on Blackboard. Upload the document.This assignment is an individual assignment. I expect for this assignment to be written by you personally. It is not a group exercise.Grading. I will rate your assignment based on various levels of thoughtful effort. Please ensure that you take time to demonstrate a deep understanding in your answers, a willingness to think about application in your future work life, that you have probed and reflected in order to have valuable take-aways from this course, and that what you write is purposeful. Finally, please ensure that you take care in presenting an assignment whereby the craftsmanship is solid and that you have taken time to write something that you are proud to submit. Read more about my expectations in the next bullet.Rubric. In grading your assignment, I will look for you to express yourself in a way that shows some level of mastery in understanding theory, subject, assignment, or topics. Second, I will look for habits of the mind. Specifically, I will look to your ability to express yourself by proposing creativity and, where appropriate, multiple solutions or plans. Third, I will look for you to go past the generalities of the theory, subject, assignment, or topic and delve into the complexities of the content and what it means to you. Fourth, and finally, I will look for an assignment that is professionally thought-through and presented with craftsmanship using extreme care to address each one of the questions in appropriate detail.

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