Objectives:Explain the process of medication reconciliationIdentify best-practices for medication reconciliationApply the concept of medication reconciliation to the client scenarioExplain how to identify and reconcile medication discrepanciesIdentify who should be involved in the medication reconciliation processAssignment instructions:.Using the client scenario provided on the assignment document docx and your Davis Drug Guide for Nurse’s, conduct medication reconciliation. Be sure to include the following in your final submission:Explain the medication reconciliation processAnalyze the client scenario for any omissions, additions, or duplications of medications and discuss the implications to the client.Analyze the client scenario for potential risks associated with the client’s current condition and currently prescribed home medicationsIdentify potential drug interaction and prioritize the drug interactions that are most concerning to you.Identify actions that the nurse should implement and provide a reason for each action.Use the provided document form to complete the Medication Reconciliation Assignment:Look for Drugs in David’s Drug Guide for Nurseswebsite: fadavis.comlink:[%3Bvnd.vst.idref%3DF11_f04]!/4/2/2/2/2/3:32[Pra%2Ccti]

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