Module 06 Course Project – Final Project

The Final Course Project will be to complete a finished email marketing campaign, including information from Course Project Part 1 and 2. The following information must be added to your Course Project Part 1 and 2 into one final paper:

  • Identify how success will be measured within your campaign. Success might be measured by one or more of the following: open-rates, click-through rates, conversion to sales or appointments, website traffic, engagement in other areas, relationships, authority, or any measureable methods.
  • Discuss which tools (if any) will be used for measurement and analyze how success will be determined. For example, tracking software.
  • Propose a future plan of action to address low response, moderate response, and high response to your campaign. What will you do if your campaign experiences poor success, mediocre success, and extraordinary success? Discuss all three.
  • Summarize why you believe the email marketing campaign presents a positive justification for your organization’s customers or prospective customers.

Incorporate any feedback from Course Project Part 1 and 2, making any necessary changes. You can include additional material such as graphics and additional resources to help augment your email marketing campaign. The final email marketing campaign should describe an overview of the campaign for your organization.

The paper must be at least 5-7 pages in length (excluding title and reference page) and in APA (6th edition) format. Include the flow chart from Course Project Part 2 in the Appendix section of the paper.

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