My Research Literature paper needs an abstract, and grammatical errors need to be revised.

I attached the research literature paper which needs to be fixed. There is an example which is good example for the professor. And I also put the source paper. Some parts need to be fixed with following feedback.

Your paper appears to be very thoroughly researched. However, there are a couple major problems. First, you are required to have an abstract, and I don’t see one. Second, I can barely understand your paper due to grammatical errors and misuse of words. It would be best if you could have someone you can meet with in person help you with your language.

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I have a couple of other questions:

You use the word “understudy” throughout the paper, but I don’t know what you mean by that. Do you mean students?

What is “material science” in this context?

What do you mean by “recreations”?

On p. 6 you start referring to “this study”. It sounds like you conducted your own study? You were only supposed to write a literature review. Or are you describing somebody else’s work? If so, that needs to be made more clear. This happens again on p. 15.

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