Directions for Phase 1:Select one registered nurse that you know who is creating nursing history today to be the subject of this course project.This RN must have at least 10 years of RN licensure.The nurse could be a family member, friend, colleague, acquaintance,  manager, former instructor, or other nurse who is creating, delivering,  or influencing the practice of nursing in your area. Do not select a  former or current patient.Remember that all nurses are making nursing history today in their  own ways, not just the nurses writing books or leading large health  systems in innovative change.Clearly explain to the selected nurse that statements made in the  Phase 2 Conversation for this project will be recorded (audio, video,  and/or written) and submitted to the instructor for scoring purposes.  The interview is not intended for public access. The conversation will  be about the Selected Nurse’s:memories of nursing and nursing education;contributions to nursing related to leadership, provision of care, and/or evidence-based practice; andpersons or events that have influenced the nurse’s professional practice.Select a date, time, and location to conduct the Conversation with the selected nurse to be scheduled between Saturday of Week 2 or during Week 3.NOTE: Do NOT conduct Phase 2: Conversation  with the Selected Nurse until you receive feedback (in course Grades  area for Phase 1 Selected Nurse Information) from your instructor about  approval of the nurse you have selected.View the Phase 1: Selected Nurse Information Tutorial (Links to an external site.)Download and use the Phase 1: Selected Nurse Information Template (required) linked in the Templates section belowSubmit Phase 1 assignment on required Phase 1 template via Canvas by due date.Template:NR393 Course Project Phase 1: Selected Nurse Information Template (Download here(Links to an external site.))Best Practices:Use the template provided. If the template is not used, a deduction will be applied.Carefully review the directions, required template, tutorial, and rubric.Please use your browser’s File setting to save or print this page.Spell check for spelling and grammar errors prior to final submission.Use the rubric as a final check prior to submission to ensure all content is clearly addressed

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