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  • Collectively as a group – part one – for this assignment, your team will create the Scope Statement for the selected IT RFP.
  • Collectively as a group – part two – for this assignment your team will create the Work Breakdown Structure. You must create an outline view WBS with task descriptions, resource skill sets, and predecessors. Time (days) and rough order of magnitude (ROM) cost estimates need completed and the WBS dictionary needs completed for each work package. See page 132 of the PMBOK. Your text outlines the types of predecessors (dependencies). Remember, you should create a logical flow of work.
  • Select a type of file you can work with. Make sure everyone has input and there is agreement from all team members before you submit your document.
  • Put your team name in the title of your document (e.g. “BlueTeam Work Breakdown Structure and Statement”) and list ALL of your team members in the document itself (in the title block). Be sure to highlight the project leader for this week.
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