Paper editing

Editing a paper in your way. Especially need the Chicago Style to quote!!!

Here’s the review:

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Great introduction paragraph, and you have a strong thesis statement. While the parts of your paper that I mentioned were very strong, I also found a few things you could work on.
I think you wrote a note for yourself so that you remember to come back and put it into it is good, but if you have a draft paper, then it will help me better understand the paper. The second thing I noticed that you did not mention the author of the work or work you used in the introduction, so we quoted the article. I’m sure you know that we need to use the Chicago style to quote our papers. It is certain that if you forget to add them and lose credit on your last paper, it would be a shame. Finally, the paper concludes. If you put your papers together, sum up your main point of view, there will be some refutation, and finally there are some things that you want the reader to think about. It’s all that I know it’s not your final draft, but in the end you should Review the correct formatting of it. Now I want to talk about format and MLA format. I like the fact that there is a preamble between the paragraphs before completely diving into the subject. It gives the reader a brief overview of what you will discuss in the whole paper, and why it is important to us as a whole. I think you should also include a definition of what reciprocity, so that the reader firmly grasp the word actually what it means.

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