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This Part 1 is due by the end of Unit 1.

  • Part 1 begins the self-assessment process. Before you start this first part, let’s do some preliminary brain storming. Think about a time when you assumed a leadership role. Write down a few notes about this leadership experience. List 5-7 actions or behaviors you took as a leader in this situation. What words or feelings would you use to describe this experience? Now you are ready to start preparing your report for Part 1.
  • For your Part 1 report, use your leadership experience above as a basis. Describe the context of this leadership experience. Describe your role and actions taken. Using the Kouzes and Posner model, focus on leadership credibility and shared values. What conclusions might you draw about your leadership role? Your report should be approximately 2 pages, using APA style. Submit this report for grading.
  • NOTE: Take this opportunity to start reviewing the Leadership Challenge Workbook. You will have several assigned exercises in the Workbook throughout our course, but you will find other exercises and sections that might help you with the different parts of the Project.
  • Survey: BEGIN NOW! Select one individual who works with you or who knows you well. Try not to use a family member! For example, this person might be a boss, a subordinate, a peer, a co-worker, a fellow student, a neighbor, a co-member of a committee, etc. Select a person whose opinion you trust and respect and who is capable of being candid and honest. Contact this person and have him or her complete a survey about you. Click here to download the surveyView in a new window. You will use this survey results later in this project in Part 5. I’ve included this survey in Part 1 to allow you some extra time.
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