Personal Best Leadership Project Part 2: Values, Principles and Personal Credibility, business and finance homework help

As a leader, it’s important to identify our values and principles that guide our decisions and actions. Our values give us credibility and help us to lead other people. In this unit you will continue to work on your course project. Part 2 of your project will focus on values held by leaders. Part 2 is due by the end of this unit.

  1. In the Leadership Challenge Workbook, please complete Application 1 on pp. 35-37.
  2. Then on page 53-55, complete Reflection 1.
  3. Using your responses to these two workbook exercises, address these points in a report that is approximately 2 pages in length, using APA Style.
    • Identify and clarify your own personal and professional values.
    • What are your priorities?
    • Identify any “turning points” that have influenced your values and principles.
    • Identify any themes or patterns that have shaped your values and principles.
    • As a future leader, what will you do to ensure your values and principles line up with those of the organization where you work?
    • What will you do when you have values that are in conflict with your organization? With your co-workers?
    • How will you resolve these conflicts?
    • Relate your personal values and principles to professional and organizational success.
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