personal psychology

Critical Thinking QuestionsPlease complete the following questions. Use a word processor to complete your work. Remember to use complete sentences and include both the questions and answers when you submit your work.Submit your work as a file attachment using the dropbox.The answers to the Critical Thinking Questions are worth 10 points.Which theory of learning does  Ivan Pavlov’s experiment illustrate?  Describe how his experiment illustrates this theory of learning.  Use your own words, and do not copy from the internet.  This would be an academic integrity violation. 2 ptsHow does operant conditioning differ from classical conditioning? Describe one experiment that illustrates operant conditioning. 2 ptsWhat are two different schedules of reinforcement? Describe each one. 2 ptsWhat do you think is the most important step in the PQ4R method of learning?  Describe a time you have used the PQ4R method. 2ptsOf the three theories of learning described in Unit 1, which one do you think most influences your own learning? Why? 1 ptSome people are concerned about the effects that violence in media can have on children (as in the “modeling” theory). Do you agree or disagree that children can learn violence through modeling? Why or why not?  1 pt

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