Personal selling discussion boards

hey could you please give an answer of 2 to 4 lines to the following paragraphs:

First one: I think social media can be a great sales tool. However, the user has to be savvy and careful. If you are too safe and boring, you are wasting your time because there is so much material on social media, no one will bother to like or share your posts. Also, the user has to be very careful or willing to accept some backlash. There are many people lurking on social media just waiting to call something offensive. A post that may have been created as light hearted humor can go viral in hours with thousands or millions of people claiming to be offended. On the flip side, I just started following Wendy’s on Twitter because of their snarky remarks to some of the trolls. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has started following them because of this. The extra followers adds value to their brand and it may result in more visits to Wendy’s for some of us. Still, they have to be careful not to offend too many people or it could damage their brand.

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Second one: My point of view on social media being bad or good for personal selling is a positive. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter has the game changer for marketing. By using social media this has by far become the best way to brand and reach out to others. Personal selling on social media is a four-step process which included getting attention, igniting interest, creating desire and inflicting action. Social media is the best way to reach out to different audiences and convert them into customers.

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