Powerpoint presentation

The final exam/course project is anarratedPowerPoint Presentation that presents the findings of a healthcare related research project that is of interest to you personally.  Do not use any of the studies you have already used previously in the course.Your TaskDevelop anarratedPowerPoint presentation (15 – 20 slides).An narration is required.A References slide is required and should reflect the information used from all of your resources.Format your presentation in accordance with the guidance below.Access the Hodges University, Terry P. McMahan Library athttp://library.hodges.edu/home(Links to an external site.)and/or any other library or peer-reviewed data source, and conduct a search using the terms: Healthcare Research Studies.Pick one of the healthcare related studies that is of interest to you (any year), and develop your presentation on that topic.  Your topic can be on any subject related to the healthcare industry, and can be either administrative or clinical in nature.

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