Principle of tourism

Watch video first: the module lesson, we explored food and beverage from a theoretical point of view. We know from previous lessons that tourism, including accommodations and food services, grew around transportation and the needs of travelers to rest and eat after long journeys. Yet, now food and beverage options are incredibly varied and trends in this operating sector are consistently fluctuating in response to fickle customers and macroeconomic factors. You are invited to use this opportunity to explore issues affecting the F&B operating sector. Some examples to get you started thinking include: Food costs, dietary demands and considerations, veganism and vegetarianism, tipping wage, tip sharing, human resources in F&B, wine pricing, minimum wage increases, issues impacting vineyards and vintages, etc. Be sure, in your post, to consider the impact on tourism specifically, recognizing while F&B is a tourism operating sector, its customers are not only tourists but potentially regular local clients. In this task, your job is to:1. Investigate trends in F&B to share with peers. Start with those listed above or come up with your own topic that interests you.2. Craft a discussion post: – Choose a catchy title that reflects your discussion post- Describe the issue clearly and why it is relevant to our discussion of tourism- Include video link or article link in your post, or any other creative expression (remember to cite!)- Think about these questions: What is the key issue? Why is it important? To whom? What impact does it have on the shape and growth of the F&B sector? What impact might it have on overall tourism? – Be sure to include citations for all materials and ideas used in your post3. Be sure to comment on each others’ posts, contributing to extending the discussion. Additionally:A rubric is provided with the forum that will be used to guide gradingBe sure to read other students’ postsSelect at least one other students’ article to read, then comment on and build on their post

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