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Title: Week Two Assignment: Achievement Motivation  100 ptsDue Date: End of Week 2After reviewing this week’s lesson [Select “Lessons” tab (left side of PSYC460 home page) to read information associated with “Week 2: Achievement, Motivation and Attributions”], provide responses to each of the following five (5) questions (see below).Information pertaining to this week’s lesson is presented in folders titled: I. Lesson Overview, II. Lesson, III. Lesson Review, and IV. Required Week 2 Reading and Resources.NOTE: When reviewing information within this week’s lesson (i.e., “Week 2: Achievement, Motivation and Attributions”), pay close attention to content discussed in the “Lesson” folder.  Make certain to select (i.e., click) “LAUNCH LESSON” (see bottom of initial web page displayed within “Lesson”) in order to read valuable content to complete this assignment.Use the “PSYC460 Week 2 Assignment Worksheet” (see MS Word attachment) to complete this assignment. Remember to include an American Psychological Association (APA) formatted Title page with your submission. Presenting APA formatted Reference(s) within this assignment’s submission is unnecessary.1. Identify (i.e., List) the five (5) guidelines, which provide the foundation for different theories that have been developed on understanding and enhancing motivation.2. Identify the four (4) key areas to understand when targeting an athlete’s motivation for success (Gill & Williams, 2008).3. Identify the three (3) stages, which several researchers believe are associated with an individual’s progression of developing achievement motivation.4. Identify the two (2) basic premises for reinforcement theory.5.  Define “Motivation.”Each question proposed should produce specific information for the inquiry’s response (i.e., answer). No additional elaboration or examples to support a student’s response is required.REMEMBER — Use the “PSYC460 Week 2 Assignment Worksheet” (see MS Word attachment) to complete this assignment.Submit your assignment as an attachment in a single MS Word (doc., docx.) document titled “Your Last Name Week 2 Assignment.” For example, the MS Word document would be titled: Johnson Week 2 Assignment. Avoid typing your entire assignment in the text box provided within each assignment.NOTE: Information re: American Psychological Association (APA) format is presented in this course’s Resources or Also, a suggestion – visit the APUS Library to review [email protected] (see “APUS Library” tab located on left side of course’s home page).

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