psychology (human growth and development)

Read pp. 175 and 176, “Developmental Diversity and Your Life” and answer the following questions:1.  What are some implications of differences in the ways adults speak to boys and girls?2.  How might such speech differences contribute to later differences not only in speech, but also in attitudes?3.  From your own observations, do you agree that adults speak differently to boys and girls?  What have you experienced in your own childhood and, if you are a parent or caregiver to young children, what have you experienced in your own speech and/or that of your partner?4.  Do a little research on gender and language, and give us a link to a website or article that you found helpful in considering questions of development, gender, and language.  Why did you find it helpful, and what questions did it raise for you?textbook “Development Across the Lifespan” 9th edition by Robert S. Feldman

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