Public Health Policy and Management

Identify a public health issue in your community. Imagine you are the president/chief executive officer (CEO) of a public health organization (make sure to create an imaginative name for your organization and to imagine the name of your initiative or intervention). Create a PowerPoint (PPT) presentation that would incorporate your organization and the initiative for the community you have chosen.Explain the role of your community and constituency engagement in this initiative or intervention as well as policy development for the public health issue identified.Provide an explanation of the use of performance measures and standards in public health practice and policy development for the initiative or intervention.Explain what challenges your public health leaders will face in their management of community and constituency engagement and how that might influence policy development initiatives.Address how your public health leaders and managers would manage performance challenges at the many different levels of the public health system.Slides should be designed as if you were giving a presentation in person. Use the notes section of PowerPoint to fill out the content pointed to in the slides. It will guide you through best practices for creating a professional presentation. Your presentation should have at least eight slides (excluding the title and references slides). Provide references in APA format where necessary with at least one peer-reviewed or academic journal article. Also, make use of images and examples where necessary. Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment. APA formatting, however, is not necessary.****STAY IN COLUMBUS,GA***

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