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Existing AppYou are the project manager / product manager / business analyst for an already launched AndroidApp for a Premium Subscription Video service. The current Android app supports a single paying useraccount. In this service, the user is not able to watch any video at all without having a subscription.New App Feature : Multiple User ProfilesMultiple User Profiles allow different members of the paying user’s friends and family to have their ownpersonalized App experience, built around the TV shows and Movies they enjoy. This new feature willallow a fixed number of individual profiles within a single paid subscription account.Each profile allows for its own: Name Avatar Image UI Language preference Featured and recommended titles based on profile preferences and viewing habits. Recent Searches Watch History Favourites Enable/Disable Push NotificationsThe subscription user account can set a profile to be a kids profile with appropriate parental controlrating allowance set. This is to prevent a kid getting access to inappropriate content for their age.Your Tasks related to Multiple User Profiles feature1. Research industry benchmarks for this feature. Consider standard user expectations andproduct differentiators. Write a short summary of your research.2. Write a short and precise brief for the design team for this new feature on the Android appdetailing what you expect from the design team as part of their first iteration which will last 1week carried out by 1 full time senior UIUX designer who is experienced in video streaming appdesign.3. Write a short and precise brief to the technical architect regarding this new feature detailingwhat you would like them to analyse for you. The technical architect is assigned to work onthis for 3 days. No other technical resource is assigned.4. Write 20-30 of the most important user stories for the User Profiles feature and theiracceptance criteria. Within these users stories breakdown technical tasks for the Developmentteam. Do this in a spreadsheet using a categorised table of user stories / tasks emulating aproduct backlog in Jira and organised these items into 2-3 sprints.5. Create a dependency table to track dependencies from outside the development team that arerequired to deliver the User Profiles feature6. Create a timeline chart for the User Profiles project for sharing with management

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