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Research and develop a mission and values statement for a facility

IntroductionPart 1Summarize the follow concepts :Corrective actionsResolved a management problem with employees who are resistive to changeDeveloping an org chartResearch and develop a mission statement and values for a facilityDescribe what types of health care this facility will provideWhat is the purpose?What services are provides?What type of health care?# of staffType of staffSizeDepartmentsOther important detailsPart 2Develop 5 ethical standards to implement at your chosen facilityResearch 2 companies with ethical standardsDevelop you own standards in your own words (2 APA references in final draft are required)How would you present this info to staff during training/orientations?Describe the trainingClosing/ConclusionSubmit a 3-5 page after outline is done not including title page and reference page using APA format.

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