Review the PERI (Problem Etiology Recommendations Implementation) public health model described below. Select a communicable public health disease from one of the health concerns addressed in this week’s Learning Resources.

Write a 1- to 2-page overview of your selected public health issue, making sure to respond to each of the following prompts:Problem: What is the health problem or issue? Use appropriate sources, including Public Health data sources (e.g., CDC, Census, etc.), to describe this problem (e.g., HIV/AIDS).What population does it impact (e.g., Women in sub-Saharan Africa)?Etiology: What are the contributory causes? What is the burden of disease for this health issue? Are certain populations or cultures more impacted than others?Recommendations: What can be done to reduce the health impact of your issue?Implementation: How can health be improved in this population? What organizations or professionals should be involved?

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