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roots, radicals and quadratic equations

Explain arithmetic operations with whole numbers, integers, fractions, and decimals.When solving equations, what is done to one side of the equation, must also be done to the other side. Why?Mathematical formulas model phenomena in every facet of our lives. Provide an example of how equations solve problems in a variety of situations.Provide three examples of the rectangular coordinate system, which is the basis for most consumer graphs.Discuss the properties of polynomials.Explain the process of factoring expressions and see how factoring is used to solve certain types of equations.Explain how problems can be solved using rational equations.The trajectories of fireworks are modeled by quadratic equations. The equations can be used to predict the maximum height of a firework and the number of seconds it will take from launch to explosion. Discuss the properties of quadratic equations, and how they are applied as models in various situations.Minimum of 750 words

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