Safe Environments

For this discussion, think about the information presented in Chapter 8

regarding safe and supportive indoor and outdoor environments. In

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addition, think about your personal philosophy of learning and choose

one developmental level (e.g. infants, toddlers, preschoolers). When

thinking about developmental levels, consider your future career

aspirations. Some of you may want be to be an infant and toddler home

daycare provider, a family specialist for Head Start, or you may want to

be a kindergarten classroom teacher. Please use the subject line of

your discussion post to state what you wish to be in your future role.

Then for your discussion, attach four pictures that you feel show

elements of safe and supportive physical environments that you wish to

create in your future role. Two of the pictures should be indoor

environments and two of the pictures should be outdoor environments.

These pictures can be from environments that you have access to,

Microsoft clip art, or they may be from the Internet.

For each picture, your discussion should address the following questions:

  1. What specifically do you like about the features of the environment?
  2. What specific elements make this a safe environment?
  3. What specific elements make this a supportive environment for the developmental level and future role you have identified?

You may attach the pictures directly to your discussion, or you may

attach a Word document in which you compile your pictures and

reflections. Be sure to include a reference to the textbook and at

least one outside resource to support your ideas with justification.

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