standard deviations, broken down into % standard deviation, assignment help

hello i want to paraphrase this with same meaning, also you don’t need to change to much. but please make it the seam meaning

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Above are standard deviations, broken down into % standard deviation and relative % of standard deviation for annual real gross domestic product, real personal consumption expenditures, and real gross private domestic investment. Based on the above information from Table 3 compared to table 5.2 from the book (also showcased above), it can be concluded % standard deviation is higher for GDP and consumption, being GDP has a value of 2.18 and consumption has a value of 1.70, which higher than table 5.2 with GDP having a value of 1.61 and consumption having value of 1. On the other hand, in table 5.2 investment has a much higher value of 7.64 as opposed to the above with a value of 7.57. The relative % values are similar for consumption: table 5.2 has a value of .62 as compared to the information above with a value of .77. For investment the values are also similar. Table 5.2 shows a slightly higher value of 4.76 compared to the information above with a value of 3.47. The differences can be attributed to the HP filter multiplier, which removes the cyclical component of a time series from raw data. The adjustment of the sensitivity of the trend to short term fluctuations is achieved by modifying the multiplier; the above data used a multiplier of 100 as opposed to table 5.2 using a multiplier of 1,600. The relative % standard deviation is a reflection on how volatile a value is compared to GDP. Consumption is .78 times as volatile as GDP and investment is 3.47 times more volatile than GDP

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