Below is the list of features from the peer review worksheet that I and your peers will be looking for in your paper. Evaluate your paper beforehand to ensure you’ve effectively included all required elements.Summary: Does the first sentence (or two) contain the author’s full name, article title, source, and a paraphrase of the author’s main point or thesis statement? Identify what is missing.Circle any places where the writer’s opinion is present. (There should be none.)Thesis: Is there a clear thesis that states the writer’s WTG and ATG evaluation of the article? (Hint: Does it use although or however?)How could the thesis statement be clearer?Criteria: How does the writer make clear his/her criteria for a successful essay?Support: Does the writer support the thesis with clear evidence?How could the writer develop WTG and ATG evidence more effectively?Conclusion: Does the conclusion bring together the summary and the review?Clarity: Circle on the draft any confusing or unclear or confusing sentences.

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