Summative Assessment: HR Strategies

Imagine you have been hired to oversee the HR department of a large hospital system. The hospital system’s board of directors has requested that you provide a presentation to them on the strategies you want to implement in the HR department that would benefit the hospital system as a whole. This assignment will provide you the opportunity to determine strategies for effective employee recruitment, selection, training, development, and performance appraisal needed for effective performance management.HR strategies within the health care industry for effective employee recruitment, selection, training, development, and performance appraisal.Section 1: Recruitment strategies or methodsIdentify 5 recruitment strategies or methods.Indicate whether each strategy or method is internally or externally focused.Describe each strategy or method and why it is appropriate to health care.Section 2: Job analysis, description, and specificationsCreate a graphic, such as a flowchart, Venn diagram, or graph, as an image, PDF, or other file format showing the differences among:Job analysisJob descriptionJob specificationsSection 3: Training and educationExplain why training and education are vital in health care.Explain the importance of measuring competencies.Describe the process for tracking and evaluating training effectiveness.Describe performance appraisal standards within the health care industry.Identify guidelines for effective performance appraisals. Include possible barriers and their effect on the appraisal process.Describe the due diligence of progressive discipline of employees within the health care field.

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