There is no hatred or fear required for us to be biased in our interactions, assignment help

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There is no hatred or fear required for us to be biased in our interactions with others and in our decision making regarding others. It is a natural part of human beings being human around other human beings. Actionable, evidence-based diversity and inclusion work is not about whether you are a “good” or “bad” person. It is about reducing the impact of individual and group bias so that we might make better decisions about people. What are you doing today (as individuals, groups, departments, organizations) to mitigate bias? The answer might very well be “nothing” as many of us are unaware of our assumptions and biases that act as unconscious barriers to diversity.

After watching the videos, please answer the following questions. Please be thorough in your answers in order to earn the most points possible.

1.Write about a time when it became obvious that someone had made incorrect assumptions about you?

2.Write about a time when you realized that you were operating on incorrect assumptions about someone else?

3.Where do these assumptions come from and where might these assumptions show up in your interactions with customers or co-workers in the workplace?

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